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Channel Amazing Kids Songs on YouTube - watch new videos free

Amazing Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which creates content for babies, toddlers of kindergarten age and pupils of junior school. The channel is relatively young, because it was created in 2016. At that time, YouTube was filled to the brim with a variety of commercial and creative children’s channels. Therefore, they decided to create absolutely unique content to compete with these channels. The authorship of the channel belongs to a creative group, which consists of animators, voice artists and music composers. They independently write scripts for each video, and then mount mini-movies using 2D and 3D animation technologies. The main part of the content is a series about a mystical character called Skeleton. However, the content of the channel has educational goals, because it can teach the child fundamental concepts. Literally for a year of fruitful work the channel has received more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some products have received more than 10 million views. This success is due to educational videos, which at the same time are entertaining. And also due to the fact that the authors of the project do not use formats such as challenges or pranks. In addition, they do not exploit the images of boring cartoon characters.

What about the content of Amazing Kids Songs? In the first video block is a series about the adventures of a mystical character called Skeleton. He likes to sing nursery rhymes about “finger family”. Usually members of this family are no less strange characters, for example, dinosaurs, godzillas, sharks or even vampires. In addition, Skeleton tells in similar videos about such fundamental things as mathematical operations (addition and subtraction), alphabet, colors. In the process of training he uses toys and popular sweets such as “Kinder Surprise”. The second video block contains covers for such popular nursery rhymes as “Five little monkeys”, «Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star» etc.