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APPUSERIES is a channel on YouTube, which has a long enough history. This Internet project was created in the distant 2010. This time was characterized by the fact that the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube was just beginning to develop. Most children’s channels used rather primitive genres and formats, and also did not use all the capabilities of video editors. To date, there is a huge number of channels with children’s content. However, the channel called «APPUSERIES» has huge advantages against competitors. The fact is that the channel offers a completely original series, which is created according to their own scenario. It is worth noting that many modern children’s channels are unoriginal, because these projects use annoying images, genres and formats. Therefore, one of the advantages of this channel is the original content, which is a distinctive feature. Secondly, the channel called “APPUSERIES” offers a truly child-friendly content. The fact is that many modern children’s canals promote a culture of consumption, as well as bad manners. Thanks to this channel for several years of fruitful work has made significant strides. Judge for yourself: the project has more than 1 million subscribers, and some video products have more than 60 million views!

What is the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains a series about a little boy and his adventures. He tells the audience about such fundamental concepts as names of representatives of flora and fauna, human emotions, various social institutions, professions and much more. The second thematic block contains a series about a little girl. She tells the audience about various corners of the world. The third thematic block contains video illustrations of classic English fairy tales. It should be noted that the authors of the channel are talented multipliers who use 3D and 4K technologies.