The Air We Breathe 4K

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Appu loves to ponder There is a crucial element around us that makes sure we live with ease It is for everybody All living beings that need to breathe Oxygen is vitalAppu Neena Tiger and gang go out and explore how all living beings take oxygen Some have a nose through which it passes through Some breathe through their skin What about fish that swim in the water So our gang gets some gears sand dives in They watch gills at work This is one important lesson It helps them appreciate the air we breathe a lot more than before This episode is packed with action Join the gang in their expeditionTake a look at our YouTube ChannelsEnglish Channel Hindi Channel Kannada Channel Tamil Channel Telugu Channel Gujarati Channel Marathi Channel Sindhi Channel Bengali Channel Academy Channel Other Similar VideosStay Connected With us Facebook Instagram Twitter Join Appus Rhymes Club on FaceBook Get our Android Apps Get our eBooksSubscribe now and be the first one to watch our new videosTo buy our Books and CDs please visit us at

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