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Baby Cartoon Rhymes is a channel on YouTube, which offers quality content to the smallest users of video platform. This channel is one of the most popular in its niche. The channel was created in 2015. The authorship belongs to a group of talented adults, which consists of multipliers who have pedagogical talent. They tirelessly create more and more new educational videos for the audience. Such fruitful work and creativity have brought them tremendous success. And this was reflected in numerical values: the number of subscribers to the channel reached 400 thousand, and some videos scored more than 10 million views.

What is the content of the channel from? It should be noted that the channel tells about a variety of animals, ranging from conventional cats and ending with extinct dinosaurs. That’s why the videos differ in terms of topic and genre. Thus, the content can be represented as the main video blocks. The first block (it is the most popular) contains videos about dinosaurs in the popular science genre. In such videos, the 3D format is used, which makes the content particularly interesting and realistic for small viewers. Similar videos tell about such kinds of dinosaurs as triceratops, iguanodon, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus etc. These videos detail the time in which these dinosaurs lived, as well as the lifestyle of these interesting creatures. The second block contains videos that tell about the lifestyle and eating habits of such powerful and dangerous animals as tiger, lion, gorilla, elephant. The third section contains videos about virtual battles between various animals. In such video clips in 3D format, two powerful animals are shown. Then the voiceover artist details each one according to the criteria of strength and endurance. Participants in such battles were a shark and a crocodile, a dinosaur and a lion, and many others.