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Baby Baby Yes Papa Johny Johny Yes Papa EducationalSUBSCRIBE here Watch Baby Joy Joy grow and learn She learns how to walk draw clean up and eat healthy foods along with a fun treat for dessert And Baby Joy Joys magical imagination makes some funny scenes What did the monkey jump into Tell us in the comments below Baby Joy Joy features educational baby songs nursery rhymes and kids songs You can watch all of Baby Joy Joys most popular videos here Checkout all of our newest kids songs and nursery rhymes here from Baby Joy JoyIf you love Baby Joy Joy Early Learning Kids Songs Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs you might also like Super Simple Songs They have Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and original kids songs like Do You Like Broccoli Ice CreamSuper Simple Songs bitlySSSongsYou might also like baby songs from LittleBabyBumThey have a popular version of The Wheels on the Bus 5 Little Speckled Frogs and 5 Little Ducks Baby Songs from LittleBabyBum Little Baby Bum bitlyLBabyBumAlso check out Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs They have great quality baby songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb Ten in the Bed and Humpty Dumpty bitlyDaveandAvaBe sure to Subscribe to Baby Joy Joy by clicking this link Lyrics Baby Baby Yes PapaDrinking milkYes PapaGetting strong yes PapaOpen wide Ah Ah Ah Baby Baby Yes PapaTaking steps Yes PapaFalling down yes PapaWalking round ah ah ahBaby Baby Yes PapaMaking Art yes PapaLearning colors Yes Papadrawing well ah ah ahBaby Baby Yes PapaEating crackers Yes PapaGetting Full Yes PapaMaking Messes Ah ah ahCrackers Art Walking Milk I love eating healthy thingsLike spinach broccoli carrots and peasBut for dessert I love to eatYummy ice cream

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