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Best Fun Games is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the children’s gameplay segment of YouTube. This niche is not as full as for example a cartoon segment. The channel was created in 2014, when the children’s YouTube was in full bloom. In addition, at this time of the game, the children’s online games market was actively filled. It’s no secret that the modern generation of children is called digital, because its representatives do not represent their lives without gadgets! Recent research shows that YouTube is one of the most popular sites among children. Children can spend whole hours watching animated videos on the video platform, and then they can go to Google Store to download a lot of games. Modern parents are seriously concerned about this dependence on the Internet and gadgets. This channel offers an alternative to these many hours of entertainment. After the authors of the channel create reviews and gameplays about the most popular online games. Thus, an internet-dependent child will spend half as much time to enjoy his favorite games and videos. Thanks to this idea, the channel has received more than 100 thousand subscribers, and some videographers have received more than 10 million views.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All videos are reviews on a variety of flash games. All the content of the channel can be divided into blocks according to the criteria of the genre of games. The first section contains reviews on games for girls such as “make makeup for a doll”, “pick up a holiday dress for Barbie”. In the second block are reviews on games about Disney princesses. These games are simulators, where you need to pass missions on behalf of Disney characters, for example, Snow White or Belle. In the third block are reviews on games in the genre tamagotchi.