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BubblePOP Kids is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube. Channel authors create child-friendly content, although they themselves are adults. Creative team created the channel on the video platform in 2015. The content of the channel is intended for both children who want to look at the novelties of the modern toy market, and for parents. After all, caring parents always strive to be aware of the desires of their children. The channel’s creators achieved some successes through entertainment and creative content. After two years of fruitful work, they received more than a half million subscribers, and some videos became viral, gaining more than 33 million views.

What does the content of the channel BubblePOP Kids consist of? All videos can be divided into thematic-genre blocks. Let’s look at the most popular ones. The first block contains video reviews on such popular among modern children’s toys as sets of children’s cosmetics “Shopkins”, collectible dolls “Barbie”, sets of toys based on cartoons “Paw Patrol”, “Peppa Pig”, “Frozen”, “Minions” etc.

The second block contains video reviews of the most delicious and unusual sweets. For example, “Kinder Surprises”, which contain hundreds of toys, huge jelly figurines in the form of cartoon characters, “magic beans” from the movie “Harry Potter”.

The third thematic block contains videos in the format “Do it yourself”. Following these lessons, every child can make interesting knickknacks! Video lessons tell how to make pink slime, how to make a fragrant lip gloss with the aroma of watermelon, how to prepare fragrant capcakes with images of Disney princesses! In addition, the authors of the channel upload video clips, in which they conduct interesting experiments, for example, with balls “Orbeez” or toy slime.