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coilbook™ | Learning For Children is a channel on YouTube, which is an experienced media project. The channel was created in far 2011 by a group of talented guys. This time was characterized by the fact that the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube was just starting up. This online project has become one of the first and most serious on the children’s YouTube. The authors of the project are talented animators, screenwriters and artists of the voice. Together they create video films for the youngest YouTube users. Each video has its own unique story, theme, as well as a learning goal. A few years of fruitful work, the channel was successful. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than one million subscribers, and some video products have more than 123 million views. In addition, this channel has become a real media holding, because it has subsidiaries in Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French and German. What is the reason for this? First, the channel’s authors use their own characters and scripts for each mini-film. It’s no secret that most channels for children have only commercial purposes, refusing the original characters. Secondly, the channel offers exclusively educational content, friendly to families and children. This is very important, as modern children spend hours watching videos on YouTube.

What is the content of the channel? In the first thematic block there are video lessons about various types of transport. In addition, it is worth saying that these types of transport are like living! They teach children such fundamental concepts as naming colors, letters and numbers. The second thematic block contains video lessons about geometric shapes and figures. The role of the teacher is played by a clever robot named Robo-J5. It is worth noting that each video of the channel has a 3D format and the highest quality.