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DCTC Superhero Kids Vids is channel on YouTube, which offers a rather original content by genre criterion. The channel was created in 2015. This time was characterized by an active growth of the number of channels on the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. Children literally filled the video platform to the brim! However, some talented adults also decided to become a part of the children’s YouTube. Thus, «DCTC Superhero Kids Vids» began to create a friendly to families and children content. The channel’s authors are a talented group that consists of animators, actors and voice actors, makeup artists, as well as screenwriters and directors. Together they create absolutely original stories, however, they use images of the most popular cinematic superheroes. It’s no secret that modern children are fan of superhero comic books and movies. They adore the fan attributes created on the basis of favorite superhero films, toys and sweets, whose producers use the images of popular superheroes. The authors of the channel really understand the interests of modern children, they are psychologists and marketers by nature! Their YouTube series about superheroes won the hearts of millions of viewers. Now the channel has more than 900 thousand subscribers, and some videos have more than 100 million views.

What does the content of the channel tell? The first video block contains a mini-series about the adventures of Batman. In the story, the superhero has a huge passion for making delicious dishes. In each series, he demonstrates to spectators how to prepare a variety of dishes, for example pizza with salami or flavored buns with cheese. The second video block contains a series about the friendship between Spiderman and Batman. The guys demonstrate how they spend their leisure time, for example, arranging races or shooting with weapons “Nerf”.