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Debbie Doo Kids TV is a channel on YouTube, which has a rather original format.  The fact is that the author of the channel is a talented teacher and just a cheerful girl named Debbie Doo. The blogger became part of the English-speaking segment of the children’s YouTube in the distant 2011. At that time, the children’s segment of YouTube only began to develop. A blogger originally from Australia really took the risk by creating her own channel on a video platform. She decided to create cognitive content for the youngest part of YouTube audience. In every video she appears as a teacher with a fantastic appearance. The fact that the blogger uses colorful dresses, make-up and entourage when shooting videos. Pink hair and bright dresses are an integral part of Debbie’s image. Thanks to the original format, the girl received the title of an online nanny and the main nanny of Youtube. The original format helped the talented Australian achieve success. Look at these figures: the girl’s channel has more than 400 thousand subscribers, and some video products have more than 80 million views.

What about Debbie’s content? The first block contains mini-musicals from Debbie and her dance group. They perform original dances for such merry and fervent songs as «Let’s Star Jump!», «Balance On One Foot» etc. In the second thematic block are Debbie’s covers for the popular nursery rhymes. For example, “Finger family” or “Johny Johny Yes Papa”. The third thematic block contains video lessons about such fundamental concepts as letters, geometric figures, alphabet and numbers, names of natural phenomena and representatives of flora and fauna. In the process of training she uses bright toys, sweets and other variegated attributes. Also, Debbie uses 2D and 3D technology when editing video clips. In addition, Debbie creates musical compositions dedicated to the holidays, for example, New Year, Christmas and Halloween.