The Transportation Song Education Song For Kids Train Bus Boat Car My Aeroplane Debbie Doo

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Toot Toot Its time to get transporting everyone Join Debbie Doo on a train bus boat and car Once we are finished its time to take to the skys with the original kids song My Aeroplane Move your arms like a train or take the wheel of a bus Dont stop there because maybe you prefer to bob along in a boat or drive a car The best part you can do them all in the Transportation SongThe Transportation Song for kids written by Debbie Doo is followed by Debbie Doos original song My Aeroplane where you will soar and dive along with the fun cartoon Debbie Doo plane So what are you waiting for Its time to get moving with Debbie Doo and the help of the Transportation Song plus my Aeroplane Thanks for watching LyricsVerse 1Choo choo choo choo choo goes the train now x3Then the whistle blows toot toot toot tootVerse 2Round round round round round go the bus wheels x3Then you honk on the horn honk honk honk honkVerse 3Chug chug chug chug chuggoes the boat now x3Then the horn blows boom boom boom boomVerse 4And broom broom broom broom broom Goes the car now x3Then you beep on the horn beep beep beep beepYou can go anywhereWhether near or farYou can go anywhereIn a train bus boat or carMy aeroplaneMy aeroplane aeroplane take me highSo that I might touch the skyYou can take me here and thereYou can take me anywhereMy aeroplane aeroplane take me high So that I might touch the skyYou can take me here and thereYou can take me anywhereMy aeroplaneMy aeroplaneMy aeroplaneMy aeroplane take me there

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