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Dream English Kids is a channel on YouTube, which simultaneously refers to the children’s and music segments of the English-speaking YouTube. The author of the channel is a certified teacher and an English teacher named Matt. In addition, he is a singer, and often goes on concert tours to the USA, Spain, Japan, Thailand. Matt created the channel on the video platform in the distant 2008. The concept of his channel is to teach young children the basics of English with the help of cheerful songs. He notes that with the help of his videos, every child will be able to learn English. After all, the content is intended for both pre-school children and junior high school students, in addition, content is targeted at children with autism! For several years of such difficult and creative work, Matt managed to achieve real success. He received more than 800 thousand subscribers, and some training videos on the channel scored more than 35 million views. But most importantly, every video is accompanied by hundreds of comments from grateful followers!

What does the content of the channel consist of? The main format that YouTuber uses is the song format. However, in his songs, the blogger touches on many topics. Thus, several main thematic blocks formed on the channel. The first block contains Matt’s songs about “Finger family”. When creating such videos, the blogger uses the principles of “finger theater”.

The second block contains musical compositions in which Matt talks about the names of fauna, for example, about wild animals and pets. The third block contains songs that teach small viewers such fundamental things as the alphabet, names of figures and colors, addition and subtraction. In the next thematic block there are songs in which Matt narrates about such things as the phenomena of nature and the types of relations between people.