Animal Names Song with Matt Wild Animals For Children Learn English Kids

Понравилось? ПОДПИШИСЬ! ➥

Понравилось? ПОДПИШИСЬ! ➥

Hi Sing along to the New Animal Names Song Be sure to sing and repeat after Matt all of the animal names in this fun call and response song lion tiger zebra and elephant Can you hear the animal sounds Sing along with Tunes and Bell Full lyrics belowKeep watching for the Matt Show 1 In this episode we will play the spelling game Ask Tunes Quiz Time 3D wild Animal What Do You See Song Animations and What did we learn today Its like a TV Show for KidsAnimal Names Song LyricsLets say some animal names x3Here we goLion Lion L L L L L L L Lion L L L L L L L Lion repeat with tiger zebra and elephantPlease visit wwwdreamenglishcom to download over 100 FREE songs and chants for learning English

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