Johny Johny Yes Papa with Matt and Friendly Family Nursery Rhyme Learn English Kids

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Join Matt and the Friendly Family in this funny version of the popular nursery rhyme Johny Johny Yes Papa Does Matt find a lion in the living room Is there a special guitar duo with Papa and Johny Lets watch and singalong Full Lyrics BelowSubscribe LyricsJohny JohnyYes PapaEating SugarNo PapaTelling LiesNo PapaOpen your mouthHa ha harepeat with Bell and BabyLast verse Johny JohnyYes PapaPlaying loud guitarNo PapaTelling LiesNo PapaWhats behind your backHa ha haSong recorded by Matt and friends Song and video copyright 2017 Dream English Please visit wwwdreamenglishcom to download over 100 Free Kids Songs and chants for learning English

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