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Edu car toy school is a channel on YouTube, which is relatively young on the children’s video platform segment. The channel was created in 2016 as a project with entertainment content. The modern generation of children is often called digital, because its representatives do not represent lives without the Internet and social networks in particular. It’s no secret that many manufacturers of children’s content create bright and entertaining content to attract small viewers. Often, such channels pursue purely commercial goals. The authors of such channels use a standard set of formats and genres, for example, pranks, challenges or “bad kids”. However, the authors of the project called “Edu car toy school” decided to create a hybrid channel that combines entertainment and learning content. The main characters of the content are cult toys and sweets in the modern market. In turn, the content consists of many video lessons about the fundamental concepts of the world. Thus, the authors of the channel, in an unobtrusive manner, teach small viewers. This is due to the popularity of the channel. Judge for yourself: for a year of fruitful creativity the channel has received more than 300 thousand subscribers, and some video products have received more than 8 million views.

What is the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains video lessons about the concept of color. During the training bright and colorful cars from the toy manufacturer “Disney pixar car” are used. The second block contains video lessons about such a fundamental concept as figures. The third video block contains lessons that teach children the names of various types of vehicles. Thus, toy cars seem to come to life in video clips. These toys are reincarnated as teachers and mentors for small viewers.