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Emily Tube is a channel on YouTube, which is part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The author of the channel is a baby named Emily, originally from Great Britain. The girl appeared on the video platform in 2014. For several years she worked hard, creating original entertaining and informative content simultaneously. And her work was rewarded: the girl has more than 4 million subscribers, and some of her videos scored more than 120 million views! Emily’s peculiarity is that she creates really useful content for the smallest users of video platform.

What does the content of the channel Emily Tube consist of? All videos on the channel can be divided into several main blocks. The first thematic block contains educational videos. In such videos the girl narrates about her routine life. She tells small audiences about the importance of hygiene, helping parents, reading books. This is a pretty big plus for a channel with children’s content! The second block contains the series “Bad Baby”. Emily plays the role of an ill-bred girl, who strives to play a trick on her naive parents. She jumps on the bed, arranges a scandal in the store, takes her father hostage… However, in such videos there is also a teaching sense. In the course of the game, the girl teaches small viewers such elementary things as naming colors, shapes, toys.

The third thematic block contains videos about your favorite blogger’s doll. Emily demonstrates to spectators how to properly feed, bathe, entertain and train a doll. In addition, the blogger goes with his beloved doll on vacation, walks with his favorite toy in the park.

Also, Emily likes to shoot reviews on popular toys in the modern market. Among the toys that she tests there are such: children’s vehicles «Minnie Mouse Car», huge house of the princess from “Disney” etc.