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FullTimeKid is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the English-speaking segment of the children’s Youtube. The author of the channel is a little girl named Mya. As it becomes clear from the title, a little blogger has a constant and really beloved work. She regularly shoots videos for her small and loyal subscribers.  Mya started her channel in the distant 2013. Since then, the girl gained more than 50 thousand subscribers, and some videos on her channel scored more than 4 million views, they really became viral! What is the reason for such a great success? The fact is that the girl came up with her own format, which nobody used before. Yes, the video platform had a lot of channels with video recipes, life hacking for amateur cooks. However, the authors of such projects were exclusively adults! And the girl literally revolutionized the video platform! She became the first cook-child on Youtube. This, of course, caused a public outcry.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All Mya`s videos can be divided into thematic blocks. The first section contains video recipes. In such videos, the baby teaches young subscribers how to prepare a variety of dishes. And the dishes are of varying degrees of complexity, and each specific dish requires different skills. She will teach the baby and the adult how to make home-made ice cream with vanilla flavor, fragrant biscuits without baking and even Filipino egg rolls!

In the second section you can find video clips in the style of “accept the challenge”. In such videos, the little girl conducts amusing experiments, for example, trying to put the egg in a bottle. In the third section, the girl puts out a video in the genre “Do it yourself”. In such videos, she teaches how to sew a ninja costume or build a bird feeder, or quickly and easily learn how to dance!