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Hailey’s Magical Playhouse is a channel on YouTube, which is an integral part of the children’s English-speaking YouTube. A girl named Hailey created her own channel in 2015. Her creativity is fully supported by her parents. For several years of fruitful creativity the girl has received more than one million subscribers. A small blogger creates videos on his own scripts, uses more and more formats. This led to the fact that some of her videos scored more than 30 million views. Other young youtubers borrowed the genres and formats that the girl invented. In addition, success is due to her way of life. Yes, that’s it: the girl’s life is like the life of a Disney princess. The girl’s parents really pamper Hailey: they give huge kinders and giant boxes with toys, send them to the best local entertainment centers… By the way, it is because of this that the baby and her parents are often criticized. The ill-wishers say that Haley is a spoiled and ill-bred child, and the blogger badly affects his peers!

What does the content of  Hailey’s Magical Playhouse consist of? All videos can be divided into main thematic genre blocks. The first block contains the genre of unboxing. This means that on the camera Hailey unpacks the giant Kinder-surprises. Inside, she finds a pile of toys based on the animated cartoons “The Little Mermaid”, “Minions”, “Paw Patrol” etc. The second block contains new releases of the series about “hunt for Easter eggs”. According to the plot, the girl must pass the quest, arranged by her parents. Hailey`s ultimate goal is to find all the surprises that are hidden in the territory of the quest. In addition, the baby likes to shoot videos about how she plays with the most popular toys nowadays. This is a set of figures from “Disney” and “Peppa Pig”, children’s vehicles, based on the motifs of the cartoon “Paw Patrol” and “Thomas and friends”.