Channel Have Fun Teaching on YouTube - watch new videos free

Have Fun Teaching is channel on YouTube, which can offer modern children useful and interesting content. It’s no secret that the children of the new generation spend most of their free time on the Internet. This applies to pre-school children, primary school students, and adolescents. Also, well-known is the fact that one of the most popular social networks among kids is Youtube. Children can spend hours viewing funny videos on the video platform. Of course, an attentive parent thinks about how useful this content is. Many years ago, in 2007, the creative group of animators was thinking about it! So they created their channel with a talking name «Have Fun Teaching». The authors of the channel firmly decided to create exclusively educational and useful content(and most importantly free). This idea they do not change to this day. This content has gained popularity both among parents of kids, and among teachers of the schools and kindergartens. Thanks to the fruitful work the channel received more than 400 thousand subscribers, and some video lessons scored more than 20 million views!

What does the content of the channel consist of? Let’s look at the most popular thematic video blocks on the channel. The first section contains videos about the alphabet. There are funny songs about every letter of the English alphabet. Similar songs are performed by characters named Panda, Elephant and Cow. The second thematic block contains videos that tell about the phenomena of living nature, for example, about the seasons and the weather. Also there are songs containing information about astronomical objects and the Cosmos as a whole. In addition, the channel contains songs that perform funny geometric figures. Also on the channel there are covers for classical compositions.