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Hazel Rabbit and Friends – Kids’ Songs is a channel on YouTube, which offers the smallest users of video platforms to listen to charming songs. The channel was created in 2015, and a little time later they achieved popularity. This channel belongs to the creative group, which consists of multipliers that work in 3D and voice artists, as well as talented composers. It is important to note that all stages of song production are performed by bloggers. Each song is an absolutely original product. This is what allowed the channel to gain popularity. This is reflected in numerical values: the channel has more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some songs have scored more than 50 million views. The peculiarity of the channel is that it does not exploit the images of popular cartoon characters, for example, from “Paw Patrol” or “Minions”. Instead, the channel creates its own, slightly classic characters.

What about the content?? In total, the channel presents several video blocks with rhymes, lullabies and training songs. The first video block contains songs about five funny monkeys. In the songs entitled “Five little monkeys like to jumping on the bed” shows how monkeys love to frolic. In addition, these characters teach children mathematical operations like addition and subtraction (using colorful bananas, mangoes or juicy apples). The second block contains songs about adventures. The second block contains songs about the adventures of Little Miss Muffet and her friends, Rabbit and Mouse. The third block contains a series about an experienced farmer named McDonald. The series tells of a friendly family of farmers, as well as of their farm animals, which consists of horses, wines, cows, sheep, rabbits. Such videos will help the child learn the names of representatives of flora and fauna. The following block contains lullabies in karaoke format.