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Hulyan Maya is a channel on YouTube, which is an integral part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authorship of the channel belongs to friendly children who are brother and sister. Hulyan and Maya appeared on the YouTube platform in the distant 2008. It should be clarified that the channel was created by their caring mother. She told the followers how her childbirth was flowing, showed how her daughter and son grew and developed. Therefore, we can say that the kids literally grew up under the supervision of the inhabitants of the Net! After so many years of fruitful YouTube activity, bloggers received over one million subscribers, and some of their videos received more than 33 million views. This really can be called a success, as the peers of bloggers began to imitate them actively!

What does the content of the channel consist of? It should be noted that bloggers use a variety of formats and genres. Therefore, it will be appropriate to divide all the videos on the channel into thematic blocks. The first block contains videos in the genre of unboxing. In such videos, kids unpack a variety of popular toys. These are figures from the cartoon “Peppa Pig”, models of vehicles from the cartoon “Thomas and his friends”, sets of dolls “Barbie” and “Baby Bon.”

The second block contains videos in the format of mini-series. Under the sights cameras children play with their favorite cars and dolls, but not everything is so simple. They necessarily follow a certain scenario during the game, and also children are engaged in voice-over of characters of mini-serials.

The third block contains videos in which children-bloggers tell about their routine life. They show how they have fun on the weekends. Most of all children like such kinds of rest: campaigns on hypermarkets of toys like “Lego”, traveling on a children’s tram, walks in amusement parks or aqua parks.