DADDY TURNED ME INTO A MUMMY Making a Plaster Mold Face Cast

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CHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELSEvanTubeHD EvanTubeRAW EvanTubeGaming FOLLOW USInstagram Facebook Twitter EvanTubeHD Tshirts NOW AVAILABLE Today we are making a plaster cast of my face First we had to create a mold using plaster gauze We cut it up into small pieces then my dad dipped each piece into cold water and put them on my face Make sure you put Vaseline petroleum jelly on first otherwise the plaster will stick to your face We probably should have put more because I lost a few eyebrowsOnce you have your mold you need to put more Vaseline in it so the face cast will not stick Then you pour in the plaster of paris mixture After it hardens you can remove it from the mold Then you can use sculpting tools and sandpaper to smooth it out Then you can paint itProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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