GIRLS BEST FRIEND Morning Routine with Chloe and the Enchantimals

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Понравилось? ПОДПИШИСЬ! ➥

This is a paid advertisement for MattelLearn more about the Enchantimals here We love Enchantimals The Enchantimals are a group of lovable girls who share a special bond with their animal friends and even share some of the same characteristics Together they live in a fantastical world where fun and adventure are right around every corner and where friendship makes anything possibleJillian and Chloe have another fun filled day with their new Enchantimal friends Patter and Flap Just dont try their lemonadeCHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELSEvanTubeHD EvanTubeRAW EvanTubeGaming FOLLOW USInstagram Facebook Twitter Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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