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Katie Cutie Kids TV is a channel on YouTube, which offers a real show for kids. Yes, that’s right, the show for the smallest users of the video platform really exists. The channel was created in the distant 2012. Its author is a charming girl named Kate. At the beginning of her creative career, the girl had a clear goal, which later she could realize. This goal sounded like this: create a space that is friendly to children on the Web, and also create an educational and entertainment platform for the smallest YouTube users. Years later she achieved her goal, as evidenced by her success on the video platform. This success is reflected in numerical values: a talented girl half a half more than half a million followers, and some videos on the channel scored more than 150 million views. What is the reason for such a great success? First, the girl combines several talents, because she is a talented blogger, actress and teacher. The girl is able to keep the attention of the young audience, because she understands the psychology of children, studies the interests of modern kids. She always exploits the images of popular cartoon characters, which children love. Secondly, the blogger creates secure content, so Kate has the confidence of parents around the world.

What about the content of the channel? All content can be divided into several video blocks. The first block contains funny songs about the “finger family”. Kate usually arranges a real performance, using the technique of finger theater. The second thematic block contains nursery rhymes dedicated to various holidays. In such videos, Katie appears in the role of Witches or Santa Claus, to tell the kids about the traditions of different holidays. The third block contains songs that will introduce spectators to representatives of the flora and fauna. In one of the most popular videos on the channel, the girl appeared in front of the audience in the form of a pink kitten, who talked about his carefree life!