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Kids Learning is a channel on YouTube, which has a very eloquent name. This online project is quite young, because it was created in 2016. This time is characterized by the fact that the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube was very actively developed. It is worth mentioning the fact that many channels have exclusively comic purposes. These online projects produce a very large amount of content with a very large amount of advertising. Such products are not always child-friendly. For example, the series “Bad Child”, which shoots a lot of bloggers, sometimes promotes a culture of consumption and bad manners. The channel called “Kids Learning” offers completely different content. First, the channel does not use advertising of popular sweets and incredibly expensive toys. Secondly, the authors of the channel does not use banal genres and formats. Thirdly, the channel’s authors are talented animators and artists of the voice. All channel content is of high quality, because its creators work with 3D format. All these factors determine the popularity of the online project for children. This is reflected in the figures: a year later the channel received more than 1 million subscribers, and some video products have more than 40 million views.

What about the content of the channel? The first thematic block contains video lessons on such important concepts as numbers, letters and colors. In the process of learning realistically drawn sweets, for example, colorful and mouth-watering hamburgers, chupa-chups, ice cream, are involved.  The second thematic block contains lessons on fundamental things like colors and figures. The role of the teacher is played by a legendary and even cult computer character named Pac-Man. The third thematic block contains video lessons in which candy rockets are teachers.