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Kids Rhymes – Cartoon Videos for Children is a channel on YouTube, which has original and simultaneously children’s content. The matter is that all video products are devoted to a theme of a Halloween. The channel was created in 2014 by a group of talented children, among whom were animators, voice artists and screenwriters. At that time, the children`s segment of the English-speaking YouTube was very actively developing. This segment was literally filled to the brim with a variety of child-friendly projects. However, many channels became popular due to stolen formats and genres. Thus, the video site came up with clones of popular children’s channels. In turn, the channel “Kids Rhymes” decided not to comply with these harmful traditions, creating original content. Creative team created its own way of submitting material. Technology bloggers mean this technology: all videos are formatted students, however, these video tutorials have a Halloween “cover” or a form. Thanks to the originality of the channel has gained popularity in a few years. Judge for yourself: the online project has more than 330,000 subscribers, and some videos have more than 32 million subscribers.

What does the content of the children’s channel consist of? The first thematic block contains video lessons that teach such fundamental things as varieties of colors, geometric shapes, letters and numbers. The roles of teachers are played by such mystical creatures as skeletons, zombies, vampires and other evil spirits. The second thematic block contains covers for popular English and not only nursery rhymes for kids. However, these songs preserve Halloween stylistics. For example, a merry spider turns into a monster, and Humpty Dumpty becomes the main villain of modern times! In addition, the channel offers educational videos about different types of vehicles, also decorated in the Halloween style.