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Kids TV HD is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube. This channel is relatively young, because it was founded in 2015. It was at this time that the children’s segment of YouTube was incredibly full. This channel, like most others, uses the most popular formats. This channel focuses on entertainment, because it’s much easier to achieve success on the video site with entertainment content. The channel’s authors are a creative group that consists of adults. This group includes voice actors, as well as talented screenwriters and directors. In addition, bloggers are talented psychologists and marketers. Why? First of all, because they know what modern children love. Secondly, youtubers are aware of which toys are the most popular in the current market. Thus, the authors of the channel create interesting content for pre-school children (1-4 years old). Just a couple of years the channel has become very popular in its niche. Judge for yourself: some videos on the channel scored more than 100-300 million views! This success is due to the professionalism of the creative team of authors, as well as the regular updating of the content.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All videos can be divided into several thematic and genre blocks. The first block contains video reviews on a variety of sets for children’s creativity. Plasticine “Play Doh”, sets of toy kitchen appliances from Just Like Home are popular in the modern market. The second block contains musical compositions. These are covers for the popular children’s nursery rhyme “Finger family”. The authors of the channel use the methods of the finger theater. In this case, the fingers are usually painted with bright colors and glitter. Such content is both educational and entertaining simultaneously.