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Learn Colors PAM PAM is a channel on YouTube, which rightfully belongs to the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authorship belongs to a large and friendly creative group, which consists of twins named Angie and Vica, their younger sisters named Risha and Bell, as well as their parents. This unique channel was created in 2016. The family from the first days on YouTube made an emphasis on the fact that they create content “from the whole family and for the whole family”. Only in a year of creativity thanks to hard work and creative forces they have achieved success! The channel received more than one million followers, and some videos got the status of viral, gaining more than 20 million viewers! This was also due to the safe and truly child-friendly content.

What does the content of a friendly family consist of? The channel eats a lot of videos, which for convenience can be divided into the main thematic and genre blocks. The first block contains the series “Crying Bad Babies”. In this series all sisters-twins are removed. The younger twins perform the role of capricious children who cry all the time. The older sisters try to calm the kids by entertaining them with songs “Johnny, Johnny”. From series to series, the words of the songs differ. Girls compose songs about mythical animals and fairy-tale heroes, thanks to which their sisters cease to cry! The second section contains videos in the training format. A training show on the channel is called “Learning colors with crazy twins”. In such videos, older sisters and their dad play the role of doctors, sellers of sweets or real school teachers. Using thematic subjects for these professions, they help viewers to learn colors and geometric shapes. For example, using colorful candies they teach small followers the names of colors.