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Mega Kids Tv is a channel on YouTube, which offers content for the youngest YouTube users. The channel’s authors are a creative group that consists of adult animators and voice actors. This project became part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2014. This time was characterized by the fact that the YouTube is actively filled with children’s channels. It should be noted that at that time many channels had only commercial purposes, therefore they used the same genres and formats. However, the authors of the “Mega Kids TV” channel decided to introduce something new into the blogosphere. The fact is that they began to shoot small educational films about transport. It should be noted that bloggers wrote scripts themselves, mounted video clips in 2D and 3D formats. It is important that the content of the channel has a learning purpose, because with the help of such videos a child can get acquainted with the names of advanced transport equipment. For parents of modern children this channel is just a find, because it combines entertainment and learning elements. Thanks to the above facts, the channel is quite popular. This is reflected in the figures: some video products of the online project have more than 100 million views! In addition, the channel “Mega Kids TV” has a sign of verification and is a real brand.

What is the content of the channel? The first video block contains mini-films about vehicles, including tractors, cars, trains, trolley buses, buses, trucks and superhero machines. The second video block contains video reviews of giant “Kinder Surprises”. In the third video block there are mini-films about “Kinder Surprises”. According to the plot, these goodies can speak and simply adore a variety of adventures. Also, these sweets tell viewers about such important things as the names of colors and geometric shapes.