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Moonbug TV – Cartoons & Kids Songs is a channel on YouTube, which offers content for youngsters 4-6 years old. This project is really unique, since it covers such a specific target audience. For such a narrowly focused activity, one needs a lot of diligence and perseverance! The authors of the channel, of course, have these skills, as well as the vast experience on the video platform. The matter is that this channel is a subsidiary project of the channel «LittleBabyBum», which has been functioning since 2011. In turn, the project LBB Junior began its activities in 2015. The project became successful because the youth niche of the video platform is not as developed as the children’s niche. Thus, over 2 years of fruitful work the channel has received more than 200 thousand subscribers, and some videos have received more than 10 million views. This indicator is very successful, because the channel has a very «narrow» target audience.

What does the content of the channel consist of? Let’s consider the most popular thematic blocks. The first block contains songs about the process of growing up. Characters of these videos are fairy characters starlets or ordinary children. They tell viewers how the body changes during adulthood, why they need to observe hygiene, how to look for friends, why they should not offend others. The second block contains very important video clips. These are the songs that teach children to be tolerant. In such songs it is told that it is necessary to respect diversity, because people differ from each other in age, sex, interests and gender. The third block contains songs about different hobbies. Songs tell about dances, singing, needlework, cooking, skiing or biking etc. With the help of these videos, the child will be able to find himself! Also on the channel there are songs that use simple words to explain such phenomena as global warming, secondary waste treatment, solar system and other.