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My Finger Family Rhymes is a YouTube channel that offers content for the smallest users of video platform. The channel was created in 2014. The authorship of the channel belongs to a group of talented children, which consists of multipliers, composers and artists of the voice. They certainly have pedagogical talent, because they know how to keep children’s attention. In addition, the authors of the channel are really familiar with child psychology. The creators of the channel carefully study the tastes of modern children, which change with a huge speed. In their videos, they use images of the most iconic animated characters. But the main highlight of the channel is the genre, which is followed by its creators. The fact is that they use the “finger theater” format, which is time-tested. Each video has its own main characters, as well as its own goal (for example, train the viewer in numbers or alphabet). Thanks to this creative approach to creativity, the channel’s authors received real fame.

What is the content of the channel? All videos on the channel differ in terms of genre and theme. In addition, in each mini-film different images are used. Therefore, it is worth splitting the content of the channel into several video blocks. In the first block, a variety of vegetables, fruits and sweets play the role of members of the “finger family”. For example, a family consisting of kiwi, tells in a song about why kids should eat this useful fruit. The second block contains mini-films about Disney’s “finger-like families”. Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and other popular characters sing about their carefree royal life. The third block contains mini-films based on popular contemporary cartoons. The main characters of such videos are the characters of such cartoons as «Peppa Pig», «Sponge Bob», «Frozen» etc.