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My Superhero Rhymes is a channel on YouTube, which has the goal of educating children using high-quality 3D videos. This channel calls itself “Fan Zone”, where children can see really cult superheroes. The channel was created in 2015. This time was characterized by the fact that the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube was very actively filled. Children and their parents, in order to earn easy money, massively created channels. Similar bloggers used the same genres, for example, prank and unboxing. The smallest YouTube users were fascinated by such channels. However, these channels did not have a semantic and, especially, an educational burden. The channel called “My superhero rhymes” tried to compete with channels with entertainment content. And after several years these attempts have been crowned with success, because now the channel has more than 250,000 followers, and some video products have more than 5 million views. This channel proves once again that one can become successful by creating educational and useful content.

What about the content? The first thematic video block contains a mini-series about the adventures of unusual cats and dogs, because they are giant, higher than skyscrapers. This project is absolutely unique, because the channel’s authors created a script, musical accompaniment for it, and also created 3D animation with the help of the newest design programs. The second video block contains mini-movies about the adventures of dinosaurs. Such videos tell kids about different types of these creations, about the era they lived in, what size and color they were. The third block contains covers for popular nursery rhymes, for example, “Johnny, Johnny” or “Humpty Dumpty”. However, their performers are representatives of wildlife and mythical characters.