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Nadia Amani is a channel on YouTube, which is family friendly and friendly to children. The channel’s authors are two friendly sisters, whose names are Nadia and Amani. As you can see from the name of the channel, girls just love toys. It was this love that led them to the YouTube platform. The girls created their channel in 2016, and they managed to become successful in a short period . Judge for yourself: in just a year of fruitful work, girls received more than 300,000 subscribers, and some of their videos gained more than 18 million views.

What does the content of the channel consist of? All videos can be divided into several thematic blocks. The first thematic section contains videos in which the girls demonstrate how their shopping is proceeding. These videos are reports from the toy stores and hypermarkets. Girls demonstrate how long and carefully choose new toys for themselves. Parents of babies allow them to buy literally everything they want! Nadia and Amani also like to take pictures of how they spend their weekends. They usually go to theme parks for entertainment (created based on Disney cartoons and computer games) or they visit zoos.

The second section contains video reviews of vehicles intended for children. Girls have their own fleet of vehicles, consisting of trains (based on the cartoon “Thomas and his friends”), Disney coaches, motorcycles of the Marvel superheroes.

The third block contains educational videos. Bloggers teach their little spectators such basic things as the alphabet, subtraction and addition, names of objects, representatives of flora and fauna. In addition, bloggers teach viewers the names of colors and shapes. The learning process takes place in a gaming manner, because toys and colorful drawings are involved in this process.