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Naiah and Ellie Toys Show is a channel on YouTube, which refers to the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authors of the channel, as the name implies, are the sisters named Naiah and Ellie. The channel was created in 2015. And literally for 2 years, girls have gained popularity, which they dreamed about. This is evidenced by one million subscribers, the number of which is growing rapidly every day! And some video blogs of bloggers received the status of viral, because this video scored more than 30 million views.

What is the reason for this success? First, girls regularly update the content of the channel. Secondly, they always use trendy formats and genres of videos. And finally, because bloggers come up with their own formats.

What is the content of the Naiah and Ellie Toys Show? The channel is literally replete with a variety of videos by genre. However, we can identify the main thematic video-blocks. The first block contains videos in the style of “Do it yourself”. Bloggers learn how to reincarnate in Elsa and Anna from the cartoon «Frozen», or teach how to cook…slime.

The second block, called “Cartoons in real life”, contains parodies of popular cartoon characters. The roles of these characters are performed by both the girls themselves and their parents. The objects of the parodies of the girls were heroes from the cartoons “The Simpsons”, “Spiderman”, “Angry Birds”, “Frozen”, “Rapunzel”. These characters are placed in our world, where they must engage in completely uncharitable things for themselves, for example, prepare dinner or clean in the house.

In the third block are the videos of bloggers, in which they play with toys. These videos are reminiscent of mini-films, because girls arrange dialogues between toys. Thus, Naiah and Ellie are building a storyline.