Tyrannosaurus Rex and 23 songs Dinosaur Songs Compilation Pinkfong Songs for Children

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Subscribe and watch new videos uploaded every week YouTube Channel Kids fascinated by dinosaurs often bring up a whole raft of questions such as When did they live Which one was the mighty one Which was the biggest dinosaur For those dino kids here we are with new dinosaur series For the most part its about detailed dinosaur facts which we believe will extend kids interests in dino Then here we go BoomboomDino World For our kids who loves Pinkfong here we are with our all time top hit songs Everybody Lets go and have some fun Top Hit Dinosaur Songs compilation1 Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus2 Dig it up3 Move like the Dinosaurs4 Where Did the Dinosaurs Go5 TyrannosaurusRex Im a Chef Today6 The Best Hunter Tyrannosaurus7 TyrannosaurusRex8 Dinosaur Parade9 Boom Boom Dino World10 Ankylosaurus11 Maiasaura12 AnimalSaurus13 Parasaurolophus14 The Three Little Mimuses15 Baby TRex16 Brachiosaurus17 Dinosaurus AZ18 Diplodocus19 I Am The Best20 If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive21 Pachycephalosaurus 22 Pteranodon23 Elasmosaurus24 Triceratops25 Who Am ISubscribe to Pinkfongs YouTube channel for hundreds of kids favorite songs and stories including phonics songs nursery rhymes bedtime lullabies childrens classics fairy tales and morePinkfong no 1 kids app chosen by 100 million children worldwide Best Kids Songs Stories Free Download Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by the experts in childrens educationFollow us on Facebook for new updates and free promotions Facebook Website Copyright 2017 Smart Study Co Ltd All Rights Reserved

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