HOW TO FAKE SICK Kid Teaches Toddler How To Stay Home From School Funny Kids Parody

Fake sick vs real sick how to fake sick and skip school parody with DisneyCarToys Alex and Ava The kids try to play hookie from school by pretending they are sick Alex teaches Ava how to pretend she has a fever a cold and the flu They bribe Baby Adam so that he doesnt tell mom and dad Product Info This video features DisneyCarToys Kids Alex and Ava Video Links from Annotations How to FAKE SICK Kids Plus Dr Sandra McStuffins Check Up by DisneyCarToysBaby is The Doctor Doc McStuffins Check Up Dr Sandra Hospital Medical Bag by DisneyCarToys BABY ALIVE Doc McStuffins Sandra Doctor Check Up FAIL Lucy Crazy at Doll Hospital DisneyCarToys Doctor Baby Newborn Check Up Medical Bag Dr Sandra McStuffins Daughter Ava Hospital Visit Toys Follow Us Music YouTube Subscribe to More Fun Toy Channels

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