SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY GOES WRONG New Student Undercover Principal Fake School Carnival Games

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New student at school halloween party turns out to be the undercover principal The school principal gets the bad kids in trouble at their Halloween class party fall festival Sandra dresses up in a Disney Princess Snow White costume and gives the kids lots of candy for playing carnival games Product Info This video features Carnival Games Video Annotation Links KIDS CARNIVAL Games RIGGED For Sandra Prank Winning Prizes Real Duck Pond Lollipop Toddler GamesKIDS CARNIVAL Giant Snow Cone Machine Bad Neighbors Kid in a Candy Store Booth Disk Drop Toys TOYS R US Fake Store vs TARGET Prank Kids BAD NEIGHBORS Funny Shopping For Kids LOL Surprise Ball DISNEY PRINCESS Carriage From a MAGIC FAIRY WAND DressUp Descendants Costumes Makeovers and Spells Follow Us Music YouTube More Toy Channel SUBSCRIBE

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