Captain America vs 500000 SuperHero Kids Epic Battle w The Flash Ironman Batman Pink Power Ranger

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What is the secret weapon that will defeat the hateful smoke monster and cure the superheroes from the angry eyebrows Find out in Captain America vs 500000 SuperHero Kids epic battle Part 1 of the story here Subscribe here Thank you so much to all of the Superheroes that helped make this video happenWatch behind the scenes from this event hereAnnies vlog Jojos vlog The Amazing Super Stars in this videoAbby Lichnovsky PhotographerAdaya Lichnovsky SupergirlAllie Lichnovsky ReyAndrew Tatum Deadpool Annie Cole Batgirl Camden Carl SuperheroChaCha Munoz Black WidowCharis Lichnovsky BumblebeeCharlie Douglas The FlashDestiny Munoz Pink Power RangerGeorge Schoeneberg NightwingIsaac Rosilez The FlashIsak Tufic Incredibles DashJack Hinrichson BatmanJack P SuperheroJojo Battise Wonder Woman Jamen Battise Black PantherJohnny Seberino FalconJonas Prince IronmanKeeley Begeman Pink BatgirlLane King Captain AmericaLeo B Superhero Leonardo Alanis SpidermanMax Cole WolverineMaya B SuperheroMichael Hayes BatmanSarah Davidson Harley QuinnScott Davidson SupermanTimothy Rosilez Star LordTrue Black PantherWinston Tatum AntmanXavier Munoz SuperboyIn last weeks video we found out what happens when you mix a live tweet with hate comments in the evil science lab Dr Professor wants to ruin all of the superheroes and take over the world so she created an Evil Smoke Monster that filled all of the superhero kids with hate Ironman Supergirl The Flash Batgirl Kid Deadpool Batman Superman Cleaning Lady Thor Wolverine theyre all infected Captain America is the last superhero left its up to him to battle the smoke monster haters We need you SuperHeroKids out there to help us defeat these haters and turn them back to the good superheroes they are mail letters and drawings to our headquarters leave a thumbs up leave a nice commentTo get the next episode subscribe here To have the coolest ringtone search SuperHeroKids Theme in iTunes store app To Buy the Kid Deadpool costume click here For kids who love funny super hero comics entertainment skits super heroes costumes superheroes fights dc comics marvel go karts battles and more Follow UsSubscribe to this channel Behind the scenes at Instagram superherokids7Google Facebook Twitter SuperHeroKids7Thanks for watching

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