Captain America vs Freak Fly Bug Bites Attack v Giant Snow Monster FAKE SNOW TROUBLE SuperHero Kids

When Captain America accidentally drops his Fidget Spinner under the couch The Freak Fly bug bites and attacks him and theres only one way to get rid of it With Real Snow SuperHero Kids Video Marathon here Batman puts out an ad to hire SuperHero Kids with frozen ice powers to get the bug off Cool Ice shows up to help She puts Captain America into the bath tub and fills it with snow It works to get rid of the Freak Fly bug bite but they discover she has pranked them and used FAKE Snow for the challenge Alfred informs Batman and Captain America that fake snow instead of real snow on a Freak Fly causes the flies to mutate into a Giant Snow Monster that looks strangely like a Giant Olaf Now the Giant Snow Monster is destroying all of Captain America Batman and Alfreds belongings Can Cool Ice prove to be a useful superhero for the team Do the SuperHero Kids even know anyone else with the Frozen power to create real ice and snow Watch to find out Thanks to wwwzimplikidscom for sending us their new SnoBall Battle PacksWin Fake Snow SnoBall Battle packs Heres HowSubscribe to this channel here Follow us on Instagram superherokids7Comment why you need fake snow SnoBall Battle packs To get the next episode subscribe here To have the coolest ringtone search SuperHeroKids Theme in iTunes store app To Buy the Kid Deadpool costume click here For kids who love funny comedy super hero comics entertainment skits super heroes costumes superheroes fights dc comics marvel go karts battles and more Follow UsSubscribe to this channel Behind the scenes at Instagram superherokids7Google Facebook Twitter SuperHeroKids7Thanks for watching

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