The Whole Story Rise of The Mutants Batman Battles Mystique Xmen Comic Movie Superhero Kids

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Will Batman be able to save the world from Mystiques Superhuman Powers Mystique reveals her plan to use the ancient artifact that holds the power of Apocalypse In the past Wolverine Cyclops Storm stopped Apocalypse from using his power by turning him into the frog Batman saw a vision of the destruction that will occur if Mystique uses the power of the frog Will batman be able to stop her Mystique also shows Kylo what it means to be a mutant and her special shape shifting power This is the whole story of the New Kids Xmen series all episodes edited together to tell the whole story in one video Storm Annie Annies Vlogs Batman Hope Hopes Vlogs Beast Max Little Boys channel Wolverine Kylo NoahMystique EdenApocalypse ScottCyclops JohnathonMagneto GeorgeJean Grey AllieScientist SarahTo get the next episode subscribe here Watch SuperHeroKids New Kids Xmen Rise of the mutants Mystique Wolverine Apocalypse batman superhero real life movieWatch episode 1 here Kid deadpool batman DAYS OF FUTURE PAST VISION episode 1 superhero real life movie war SuperHeroKids Watch episode 2 here Kylo Ren Darth Vader ADVENTURE orange hair mystery girl xmen superhero real life movie xmen kids To Buy the Mystique costume wig click here To have the coolest ringtone search SuperHeroKids Theme in iTunes store app To Buy the Kid Deadpool costume click here For kids who love funny super hero comics skits super heroes costumes superheroes fights dc comics marvel xmen battles and more Follow UsSubscribe to this channel Behind the scenes at Instagram superherokids7Google Facebook Twitter SuperHeroKids7Thanks for watchingAlso watch more real life superheros fights likeLittle Heroes Joker vs Joker vs Batman vs Deadpool marvel superheros in Real Life Battle SuperHero Kids Kid Deadpool vs Kylo Ren in Real Life Superhero Battle Star Wars 7 Fights Super Hero Kids Marvel Movie Little STAR WARS 7 Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren Heroes in Real Life Force Fight SuperHero Kids Movies Kylo Ren vs Boba Fett vs Hulk in Real Life Superheroes New Star Wars 7 Fight SuperHero Kids Kid Deadpool vs Batman in Real Life Halloween New Little Superheroes Fight SuperHero Kids Videos Kylo Ren Vs Chewbacca Superheroes Battle in Real Life New Star Wars 7 Fight SuperHero Kids Little Spiderman vs Kid Deadpool Robot in Real Life New Superheroes Battle Super Hero Kids 5 Little Heroes Spiderman vs Supergirl Robot in Real Life New Superheroes Battle Super Hero Kids 4 Little Heroes Kid Deadpool vs Venom Superheroes in Real Life SuperHero Kids Fight Water Park Movie Little Heroes Spiderman vs Venom Real Life Superhero Movie Fun Boy Trampoline Fight Little Heroes Kid Deadpool Vs Supergirl Real Life Superhero Battle Nerf Fight Super Hero Kids Spiderman Vs Venom Real Life Superhero Battle Trampoline Fight New Little Spiderman Vs Captain America Batman Real Life Superhero Battle

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