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Teeter Taught Animation | Learning for Children is a channel on YouTube, which produces cognitive content for the youngest part of your audience. This online project has a fairly long history. The channel was created in the distant 2012, and since then it has made significant progress. At that time, the children segment of the English-speaking YouTube was just emerging. This channel has become one of the most progressive. The fact is that at that time the format of the cognitive YouTube channel was rather unpopular. However, a project called «Teeter Taught Animation» committed a risky act that led the project to success. It should be noted that the channel’s authors are talented animators and voice artists. They create a magical world that is populated by wonderful and intelligent creatures. This magical world is also inhabited by objects, for example, cups and watches that can speak! It is these creatures who perform the role of teachers in video lessons. Thanks to the fruitful work and exclusive content, the channel is quite popular. This is reflected in the figures: the channel has more than 300,000 grateful viewers, and some video products have over 95 million views!

What about the content of the channel? The first video block contains lessons about such fundamental concepts as numbers and letters. The roles of teachers are played by colored pencils, ice cream, cakes, toy locomotives and an elephant. The second thematic block contains videos that teach viewers the simplest mathematical operations. The roles of teachers are performed by Behemoth and magical Halloween pumpkins. The third thematic block contains lessons that teach viewers to determine the time with the help of a clock. In addition, the channel offers Spanish lessons for pre-school children and primary school students.