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TheChildhoodLife Kids and Toys is a channel on YouTube, which is part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube. The authors of the channel is the creative union of a brother and sister, whose name is James and Grace. Children started creating family-friendly and child-friendly content in 2012. Then the children’s segment of YouTube was not so full, so bloggers can be considered pioneers! The very first videos of the guys were pretty primitive: the videos did not have a clear plot, except for that, were shot on a conventional digital video camera and were not processed in video editors. However, in 2013 the channel experienced rebranding, and the quality of content has improved significantly. This entailed the real success of small bloggers. Kids received more than a million followers, and some videos on the channel scored more than 170 million views!

What does the children’s channel consist of? It is worth noting that the brother and sister use the most popular genres on the children’s YouTube, but they also invent their own formats. All content can be conditionally divided into thematic-genre blocks. The first block contains videos in the format of unboxing. James and Grace unpack popular toys, and then conduct test drives with them. They create reviews on the most elite and expensive toys, among which are: collectible dolls “Barbie”, “Monster High” and “Baby Bon”, huge doll houses and prams, sets of “Lego”, which are created for such popular films as “Batman” or “Star Wars”.  The second block contains video reviews of the now popular giant “Kinder Surprises”. Under the supervision of the cameras, the children unpack these sweets to find the toys inside of which they dreamed! The third block contains mini-series, which the children are shooting according to their own scenarios. The channel contains, for example, a series about the adventures of Grace and her favorite Annabelle dolls, and the series about Grace and James, which on the eve of Halloween suddenly turned into superheroes!