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TOP BEST APPS FOR KIDS is a channel on YouTube, the name of which quite brightly notifies you for whom it is intended. The channel produces child-friendly and family-friendly content. The authors of the channel is a creative group that consists of adult animators, directors and screenwriters, as well as children whose voice comments on everything that happens in the video. The creative team became part of the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2013. The creators of the channel are parents who several years ago decided to share useful information with other parents and children. It’s no secret that modern children spend a lot of time watching cartoons and, of course, playing games on computers and mobile phones. Parents of modern kids often make mistakes, leaving children alone with smartphones and the Internet. After all, often the content for children can contain scenes of violence, obscene expressions and other “pretty things”. How to protect the child from the harmful effects of games? Select quality and safe games will help channel TOP BEST APPS FOR KIDS!

What does the content of the channel consist of? All videos can be divided into thematic blocks. The first block contains video reviews on games from the company “Lego”. This popular toy manufacturer also creates games for Android and iOS. And the company creates a variety of games on the plot, for example, about the warriors of ninjas or about the beauty salon for animals. The second block contains video reviews on the games produced by “Disney”. These are cute and funny games, created based on “Disney” cartoons.

The third block contains mini-series. The technology of creating serials implies the use of games as a platform. The authors of the channel program the characters in the game for certain actions in order to build a certain plot.