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Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs is a channel on YouTube, which creates family-friendly and child-friendly content. The authors of the channel are a creative collective, which consists of professional animators, directors and screenwriters, as well as artistic children who own a voiceover. The channel was created in 2013. The very first videos of the channel were quite primitive both in content and in design. These were two-minute reviews on “Kinder Surprises”, which are a favorite sweetness for children around the world. In 2014, the channel was rebranded, and the number of formats and genres also increased. Thanks to the fruitful work of the channel received more than 7 million views, and some videos scored more than 190 million views!

What does the content of the channel consist of? As the name implies, the main themes of the channel are sweets and toys for children. At the same time, many formats and genres are used to cover these topics. Thus, we can select the most popular video blocks. The first block contains mini-series about popular Disney characters and superheroes from “Marvel”. The authors of the channel with the help of plasticine create figures of these characters. On the channel there are serials about how Masha from the cartoon “Masha and the Bear” learns to apply makeup, about how the family life of Spiderman and Spidergirl, фbout how Princess Elsa and Joker accept a variety of challenges.

The second block contains video reviews of popular sweets. This, for example, marmalade from Japan, giant “Kinder Surprises” with hundreds of toys inside, «Chupa Chups» in the form of “Minions”.

The fourth block contains videos in the format “Do it yourself”. In these video lessons you will learn how to create figurines of cartoon characters from plasticine “Play Doh”, how to prepare a delicious and useful marmalade.