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Toys AndMe is a channel on YouTube, which is friendly to family and friendly to children. The author of the channel is a little girl named Tiana, who, as it is clear from the name of her channel, simply adores toys! She appeared on the children’s segment of the English-speaking YouTube in 2015. Literally for two years of fruitful work, she achieved real popularity and became a media personality. The girl gained more than six million followers, whose number is growing rapidly. And some videos about the life of Tiana and her toys scored more than 200 million views!

What does the content of the channel consist of? Of course, the plot of each video revolves around the theme of toys. Nevertheless, the blogger uses many genres and formats. Therefore, the videos on the girl’s channel can be divided into the main genre blocks.

The first block contains videos in which Diana unpacks the most popular goodies from around the world! Among them there are such original delicacies: giant in size of “Kinder Surprises” and “Chupa Chups”, huge figures of Hulk and Hello Kitty of jelly etc.

The second block contains issues of a mini-series called “Bad Baby”. Tiana plays the role of this most ill-bred and pampered child. She absolutely does not listen to her parents and does everything she wants. According to the plot, she commits absolutely insane acts. For example, she can go on her own mini-jeep in McDonald’s, which is far from home, or Tiana can conduct a test drive of the parent car, throwing into it huge “Kinder Surprises”….

In the third genre block there are videos in which the girl unpacks the mountains of toys. Usually these are the most popular and most expensive toys of our time. Among such toys there are such as plasticine “Play Doh», figurines based on animated cartoons  «Peppa Pig», «Lightning McQueen», «Paw Patrol».