Lego Giant Christmas Tree Falls on Rudolph RedNosed Reindeer Santa Claus Rescues Elves with Magic

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Lego giant Christmas tree falls on Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer and Santa Claus rescues the elves with magic by ToysReviewToys The Elves are at Lego Santa Claus workshop They make a giant Christmas tree which falls on Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer Lego Santa comes to the rescue using his magic wand and saving the elves and Christmas tree This video is made by the ToysReviewToys channelBelow are the videos in the end screenLego Ninjago Ninjas Take Ninja Turtles Santa Christmas PresentsLego Ninja Turtles Use Pilgrim Trojan Horse to Meet Ninjago NinjasLego Ninjago Transform Ninja Turtles Lego to Mega BloksLego Superhero Captures Santa on Christmas with RobinWatch my other Lego superhero videosDuplo Lego Santa Rescued by Batman with Fake Rudolph ReindeerLego Superhero Batman Meets XMen Magneto and WolverineLego Ninjago Little Ice Tank Mech Rescue Jay from Shark ArmyLego Batman Rescues Santa and Captures Joker in the Santa SuitSubscribe to my channel ToysReviewToys and my wifes channel DisneyCarToys We review toys and make toy adventuresYou can also find me onFacebook Twitter Google Plus Watch my Lego and Duplo Lego Superhero playlistMusic from YouTube Audio Library

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