LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE Parody Dragon Mech Transforms to Green Ninja Lloyd Giant Mech and Eats Garmadon

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Lego Ninjago Movie parody with the Dragon Mech transforming into the Green Ninja Lloyd giant mech and eats Garmadon by ToysReviewToys The Lego Ninjago Movie ninjas with the White Ninja Zane and the Green Ninja Lloyd and the Red Ninja Kai thwart the Shark Army Garmadon comes and transforms the Dragon Mech for the Lego Ninjago Movie ninjas This video is made by the ToysReviewToys channel in collaboration with DisneyCarToysBelow are the videos in the end screenLego Batman Giant Octopus Attack Rescuing the Coast Guard LegosLego Batman Meets Scarecrow Joker Riddler Escape Arkham AsylumLego Batman Movie Guess Who Game with Superhero ParodyLego Batman vs Scooby Doo Crew and Stealing the Mystery MachineWatch my other Lego superhero videosLego Superhero Superman Pranks Scooby Doo Crew with SkeletonLego Superhero Batman vs Killer Moth Taking Over the BatcaveLego Ninjago Movie Red Fire Ninja Transforms into Giant KaiLego Superhero Ninjago Movie Ice Tank Mech with a Shark AttackLego Superhero Ninjago Movie Sticker Book RevealLego Superhero Ninjago Movie Parody with Movie Maker PlaysetLego Superhero Ninjago Movie Parody with Transforming Fire MechSubscribe to my channel ToysReviewToys and my wifes channel DisneyCarToys We review toys and make toy adventuresYou can also find me onFacebook Twitter Google Plus Watch my Lego and Duplo Lego Superhero playlistMusic from YouTube Audio Library

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