Channel on YouTube - watch new videos free is a channel with a talking name, because it offers content for the smallest YouTube users. At that time the children’s channel of the English-speaking YouTube was just beginning to develop. Thus, the authors of this channel are among the founders of the kids-YouTube! The canal belongs to a talented group, which consists of animators, voice actors, music composers and scriptwriters. Their motto is such expression as “Training through multimedia”. They really create such content, which is educational and really useful for children. The creators of the project uses the principle of puppet theater. The main characters of their videos are dolls named Sarah, Timmy, fantastic creatures named Grino and Pinko and many others. Each video is part of a big series about a magical world where all things and representatives of flora and fauna know how to speak! Thanks to diligence and fruitful work, the channel’s authors have achieved certain successes. For several years, the channel received more than 300,000 followers, and some videos scored more than 30 million views.

What is the content of the channel? The first video block contains educational videos, where the role of the teacher is played by Timmy. He tells the kids about such fundamental things as the alphabet and numbers. In the learning process, he uses toy vehicles, for example, tells how much the truck has wheels. The second block contains video lessons with a doll named Sarah. She tells the audience about such fundamental things as the alphabet and names of representatives of flora and fauna. The third block contains covers for popular children’s nursery rhymes, for example, «Wheels On The Bus». The executors of these funny songs are, of course, dolls. In addition, the channel has video lessons from Pinko and Grino. Unusual creatures tell kids about important things, for example, the names of the days of the week.