Monsters Wheels On The Bus Scary Wheels On The Bus For Children

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Kids when the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round youll dont need to be wary of the monsters on board Youll wont hear these monsters growl Neither will youll be chased by them Nor will they scare youll in your dreams Because theyre here to play with youll All these monsters go behind are nursery rhymes They smell baby songs from a distance And off they go When youll see them run and roll over and their eyes lit up its when the bus is about to arrive Thats the reason theyre here for youll Theyve got a sniff of the Wheels on the Bus Song being a favorite of you babies They know you toddlers are going be aboard the bus today And theyre trying to get your attention so youll can sing the bus rhyme with them So for the first time we arent going to hide from monsters but have them over at playtimeBob The Train App Download NowKIDS FIRST Kids Videos Nursery Rhymes Free App Download VISIT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE WATCH KIDS TV VIDEOS ON OUR WEBSITE Music and Lyrics Copyright USP StudiosVideo Copyright USP Studios

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